Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you remove swarms, colonies of honeybees?

Yes we do swarm removal, colony bee removal for the greater front range area. We will remove swarms free of cost, and most colony removals are priced competitively. When we remove the bees we will rehome them in our teaching apiary where you can arrange to come see them and learn about their habits!

For quickest response call/text 602-434-7034 or email through our Contact the Queen page.

Where is Beehive Chocolates located?

We operate out of a commissary in Fort Collins, Colorado. Meaning we have no store front but you may meet us at the farmers market most Sundays, order online, or come out to our teaching apiary to connect with the bees!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we sell wholesale to registered businesses across the nation. If you are interested in carrying our chocolate please check out our wholesale page. Most orders ship for free and arrive in 2 business days.  

When will my chocolate be shipped, and how?

We ship only Monday-Wednesday to ensure that your chocolates do not get held up at a shipping facility. They will be shipped USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail, insulated with cool coated thermal wrap and packed with ice packs to ensure a cool, safe delivery. 

Do you have bees?

Yes we do! We current operate a Host a Hive Program in Denver, Colorado. Meaning if you have a backyard and are interested in bees, want pollination for your garden, just love seeing them on a daily basis then we will place a hive in your yard! Free of cost to you. We maintain it, and make sure they are healthy 2-4 times a month during the summer season. When we are out checking on the bees we encourage you to suit up with us and enjoy the experience, learning as you go. Check out our Host a Hive page for more information.

Can I come see the bees?

Absolutely! We would love that more than anything, it really is our mission to teach everyone interested about the bees and their role in the world.  Just sign up with our Bee Newsletter and we will send our an email before we head out to the apiary, most times full body bee suits will be available for use, just show up and enjoy.

How do you manage your beehives?

We are completely treatment-free, no chemicals, no treatments, nothing. We believe in helping to breed a hardier stock of bees; ones that are able to survive without human intervention.

Do you speak to schools, classes?

Nothing would make us happier than to come and share the story of the bee and other airborne pollinators! Contact us through the Contact the Queen page and we will come out to your class of any age to speak about bees! Our main goal at Beehive Chocolates is to spread awareness of the honeybee and how we are all in this fight together.