About our Beehive

We are a bean-to-bar chocolate company emphasizing the use of high quality, natural and local ingredients. After the cacao beans arrive at our doorstep, we sort, roast, winnow and grind it into delectable small-batch dark chocolate. 

With only three ingredients in our chocolate-- cacao, cocoa butter, and cane sugar -- we keep things simple, allowing the natural essence of each bean to express itself in every mouthwatering bite. 

Our muse for all this arduous effort? The honeybee, or nectar magicians. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the plight honeybees and all airborne pollinators are facing in our ecosystems do to habitat loss and excessive chemical use.

We pledge to donate a portion of our profits to honeybee research and conservation. We are currently donating to The Xerces Society and Spikenard Farms: Honeybee Sanctuary